Why Every Currency Trader Must Employ A Forex Currency Trading System.

By Bob Sherman

Making money on the forex markets is not easy. It's not impossible either. Professional traders can sometimes only shake their heads in disbelief at the stupidities committed by novice traders. They forget that they made the same mistakes when starting out and that they also started trading without a proper forex currency trading system.

Why should one have a trading system? For the same reason you will never get behind the wheel of your car and simply start driving down the street without knowing where you are going. You are bound to end up in some place or other, but it might not be a place you like very much.

A trading system is a set of methods and rules that guide your trading activities. They help you to keep your head clear when things start to go wrong. Without such rules, you are bound to hang on to losing trades too long or get out of winning trades long before you should, thereby robbing you of most of your profits.

In the first place you will need trading software. There are numerous free trading packages on the market and also some excellent commercial packages. Which one you select will depend on your particular requirements. As long as the software can import live prices in different time frames and display technical indicators such as moving averages, RSI and MACD in graphical format, it should be enough for a newbie trader.

As soon as you are familiar with how the software works, it's time to set up your trading rules. As a general rule, don't rely on only one indicator to steer your activities. Don't only trade in one time frame either. A decision to buy should be confirmed by at least two technical indicators and the message should be the same in more than one time frame. This means you'll trade less, but you've got a much better chance of making money with the trades you do.

Once you have entered into a trade, you should have rules to determine when you will exit it. It's no use you hang on until you 'feel' the market is not going to turn around again. That's when you will make your biggest losses. Your system should for example tell you to get out if you have lost more than 30% of your initial profits. Accept the market has turned around and get out.

Any forex currency trading system should also include money management. You should have rules deciding how much you are prepared to risk on any single trade, how many trades you should have open at any time and how often you trade. - 31876

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Knowing When To Pick Stellar Stock Online

By Zachary Riff

Online investment, like any other online business, require you to learn the basics. Regardless of whether you plan to pursue stock trading as s full-time career or not, knowing when to pick stellar stock options is primarily based on knowing the ins and outs of online stock trading.

If you are still a beginner in the stock trading industry, it is essential to have a working background on online stock trading, or, instead of learning how to pick stellar stock, you might be the one being taken for a ride. The best way to learn all about online stock trading rests in your choosing a reliable and reputable online trading firm.

The best way to start picking an online firm is to look for one that offers free account registration, with a beginner level. Many stock firms would say that you don't need to learn the ropes to pick stellar stock on the floor; all you need to do is sign up and type in your credit card information and they'll do the rest --- beware of such statements.

In order for you to know where your money is going and if it's working for you and not for the online trading firm, it is essential for you to learn how an online stock trading works. Be clear about what you want, and go for it. Don't rely on sites and traders who state all you have to do is sign up and they'll do all the rest. Fraud works by making you feel like you don't have to worry about anything else, at all. An online site with beginner levels is one way of knowing that that site cares about its investors, and not just the profit.

Another key feature of a reliable online stock trading firm is its ability to give you access to real-time and delayed stock quote news, updates, tips, picks and stock analysis that will help you pick stellar stock options. Many online stock trading sites offer beginners with information that would help them learn how to manage their investments, and how to pick stellar stock using stock reports, day trading stock tip updates and information. This is essential, because the key to making great buy offers is information.

Many online brokerage sites offer real-time day trading stock tip and stock quotes to keep you informed of the shifts and movements on the floor. Some may even offer after hours stock tip and updates for your mutual fund options and stock investments. Just to be on the safe side, try searching for sites that offer the best ways for you to get firsthand information from the market. These sites offer day trading stock tip developments, stock quote data, and other stock trading information. Getting real-time stock information is essential especially for day trading and direct stock investments.

Delayed stock quotes may be used for after hours trading on mutual fund stock options, for stock analysis and for market projections. You can also use these information in developing your own stock trading strategy, while earning the experience to make the best day trading stock tip.

As a beginner, you may be handling relatively solid stock options just so you can get a feel of buying and selling stocks. Soak in as much information and experience you can. After some time, you'll be able to move on to bigger and more volatile stocks, and your learning experience will make the difference between being able to pick stellar stock and mediocre ones. - 31876

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Five Reasons Why Retail Forex Is Becoming More And More Popular

By Ahmad Hassam

With the stock market and other financial markets down, retail forex market continues to experience explosive growth that is expected to last beyond 2010 for many years. The primary reason for this continued growth is due to the fact that sophisticated investors are turning towards forex trading as a way to diversify their portfolios. This is being driven by the 24 hour liquidity, tight spread and easy and ready access.

Another reason for most of the sophisticated investors taking up forex trading is the fact that it is similar to bond and equity trading in many ways. Those investors who have been trading equities and know something about fundamental analysis and technical analysis can easily switch to forex.

Recent advances in technology means price transparency and a better trading experience with the use of stop loss and trailing stops. What this means is that traders can execute their trading plans using a combination of these orders to better manage their currency risk.

Managed forex account also make forex trading easy for many people who don't have the time to learn forex trading. These accounts are managed by professional traders on behalf of their clients who have full access and control over their capital in the account. These managed forex accounts give them the opportunity to profit from the forex market without having to trade it.

The last and one of the most important reasons for the increased popularity of retail forex is the increasing sophistication of algorithmic trading systems popularly known as Expert advisors or Forex Robots. More and more investors are using these automated trading systems in making money online.

In December 2009, the first ever Forex Robot World Cup (FRWC) was held. This was the first ever live trading competition. FRWC had a cash prize of $150,000 and hundreds of robot developers participated in the competition.

Transparency and the stringent criteria for the competition is going to develop more trust in the use of these robots in the future. The second round of FRWC will start in the next few months and is expected to be even bigger than the first one. The increasing sophistication of these forex robots means that more and more people can trade forex on autopilot from the comfort of their homes now.

What this all means is the future of retail forex trading is exciting. These robots can be used by anyone. Even those who have never traded forex before can use these forex robots to make money from the comfort of their homes. - 31876

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Tools For The New Forex Broker - Broker Forex Mini

By Patrick Roody

A new trader would be nuts to start this business without Broker Forex Mini or similar automated tools. They teach how to operate in this difficult to understand, but very lucrative industry, and there is a lot to learn. New brokers need all the help they can get.

It is hardly surprising that may people want to learn how to trade in the forex market; it offers a highly lucrative proposition for earning money. But in the same breath, it can also offer newbies the opportunity to lose money and this can be heartbreaking. Automated trading tools are able to assist the broker to make the best trades, pull out of trades without emotion and generally teach them the tools of the trade.

There are many of these software programs available, but after being independently tested, Broker Forex Mini has come up trumps, with testers saying it has proven to be a good money maker that is so simple to you, you just point and click. It is also easy to set up, with one tester saying his grandmother could do this.

Because of their ability to trade consistently and make profits, automated forex software can lay the basis of a foundation for continued success in this industry. Learning while working these systems allows the broker to reach a stage of expertise where they are able to easily formulate their own strategies.

Forex Broker Mini could be considered to be forex trading "training wheels"!

It makes use of simulation in order to test trades before going live, yeat simulating them with live data. This provides the new forex broker with all the empirical knowledge they need to trade in a live scenario, as though they had been doing it their entire life. Because the forex market trades 24 hours a day, an automated system allows you to continue trading even while resting or doing something else. - 31876

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Futures Trading & Major Futures Trading Exchanges

By Ahmad Hassam

Most of the people who invest in stocks, only know about the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or the NASDAQ over the counter market. Futures trading is one of the ways to grow your wealth. There are many dozens of futures contracts that you can trade ranging from crude oil, gold, ethanol, heating, gasoline, silver, copper, wheat, corn, coffee, soybeans, pork bellies, cattle, interest rates, currencies and others.

Richard Dennis had started with only $400 and ended up making more than $200 Million trading commodities. If you want to trade commodities than trading commodity futures is the best way to profit from the boom in the commodity market. Now, let's discuss the three largest futures exchanges in the world. There are many futures exchanges in the world but these three are the most popular and the most important.

The largest futures trading exchange in US is Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). A large number of futures contracts get traded on CME that includes commodities, stock index futures, foreign currencies, interest rates, environmental futures and others.

Now as said before, commodities is an important asset class. CME provides you with the opportunity to trade many commodity contracts. The commodities futures that get traded on CME include cattle, butter, limber, pork bellies, Goldman Sachs Commodities Index, live cattle, milk, lean hogs, feeder and fertilizer.

CME provides you with the opportunity to trade futures contracts on these stock indexes as well as their mini versions the E-Minis. Now, one of the ways to trade stock market is to trade stock indexes like the various S&P 500 like the S&P 500 Midcap, Small Cap as well as the Russell 2000 and the NASDAQ 100.

GLOBEX is the Electronic Trading Platform owned by the CME Group that allows the electronic trading of these contracts almost 24 hours a day. So you can easily trade almost all these contracts from the comfort of your home electronically using your computer.

The second most important futures exchange is the CBOT ( Chicago Board of Trade).The futures contracts that are available on CBOT include agricultural futures like the soybeans, ethanol, rice, corn, wheat and others. Mini contracts on corn, soybeans and wheat are also available for trading on CBOT.

Interest rate related futures contracts that get traded on CBOT include Treasury Bonds, FED Funds, spreads, municipal bonds, German debt and swaps. Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) futures popularly known as Dow futures and its E-Mini version plus gold and silver futures and their mini versions also gets traded on CBOT.

Now the best place to trade crude oil, natural gas, gasoline as as well as a host of other energy futures in the NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange).This is infact the global hub for energy trading and offers futures contracts on unleaded gasoline, heating oil, electricity, light sweet crude, natural gas, propane and coal.

NYMEX also provides you with the opportunity to trade precious metals like the gold, silver, platinum as well as palladium. You can also trade metals like copper and aluminum on NYMEX. Futures trading is something that is not difficult to do once you get the hang of it. In the beginning, you should just paper trade these contracts for a few months! - 31876

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Best Forex Software Simplifies The Forex Trading System

By Lan Turner

The pursuit of monetary stability is one thing that every individual participates in on a daily basis. When a person goes to work daily they're hoping to realize an income to assist themselves and their family in their daily endeavors. When a person goes to high school they're wanting to improve their education so that they get an chance to achieve a higher salary once they enter the workforce.

When an individual invests their money in numerous opportunities they're looking to come up with a return that can support them secure their monetary future and even reach retirement at an earlier age. The fact is that money is concerned in every facet of a person's life so why not improve your opportunities related to creating money by investing in the most effective Forex Software available.

The Forex Trading System is a complex market that many regular traders have difficulty understanding while not the correct quantity of education and market knowledge. The Forex Trading System is simplified when an individual makes the decision to utilize the simplest Forex Software offered to them. With the simplest Forex Software an individual will identify the secrets of the Forex Trading System and receive a correct education in regards to how this method works.

With the historical references that the most effective Forex Software has at its disposal, a person can track varied trends found in the financial system to learn where they should invest their money. The tools that the simplest Forex Software provides a user allows them to learn the best style of trading for them and generate the automated trading options that will help them profit.

The option of automation is not normally one thing that will be related to the simplest Forex Software. However, when you utilize the most effective Forex Software you will discover an option that can permit you to come up with your own style of Forex Trading System. With this automated system found in the most effective Forex Software a trader will identify the patterns associated with the Forex Trading System and founded a series of highs and lows associated with specific currencies that will activate automatically. This guarantees that a person will exploit fast market reaction when they don't seem to be available; assuring that no monetary opportunity is missed. - 31876

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Why Silver Is More Valuable As Compared To Gold-How It Might Exceed $400/oz

By Ahmad Hassam

So what is a better investment gold or silver? Many people might say gold but to tell you the truth silver can rise ten times higher as compared to gold. Many analysts are of the opinion that silver prices can rise as high as $400/oz in the next few months.

First, let's discuss some historical performance of gold vs silver. Between 1970 and 1980, gold prices increased from the Bretton Woods fixed price of $35 per ounce to an unprecedented $850/oz. This was an increase of 2,329% in ten years.

During the same decade between 1970 and 1980, silver prices rose from $1.5 per ounce to almost $50 per ounce. This was an increase of 3,233%.Right now, silver prices are hovering in the range of $17 per ounce. Just imagine, silver prices skyrocketing to around $400 per ounce in the next few months. This will be an unprecedented gain of over 2,000%. So don't miss this chance of investing in silver right now!

Now, let me explain why this unprecedented rise in silver prices might happen. You see as compared to gold, silver has far more industrial applications. As the global economy starts to expand again in this year, the demand for many industrial products will grow. Silver like gold is available only in limited quantity. So you can well imagine what happens when the demand rises but supply does not!

You will be surprised to know that silver is also used in a number of household appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, wall switches, fuses and so on. The most important application of silver is as an electricity conductor. Silver wires are used as high tension cables.

Silver is used heavily in photography and in prints. With the rise of digital photography the use of silver in photography might decrease. However, new and exotic uses for silver are expanding. So you will continue to see the use of silver in a wide range of products and industries.

Satellites, High Tech Robots, Lasers and other high tech gadgets use silver. Your computer monitor uses silver. Your cell phone uses silver.

Double Layer of silver on a glass in a window shields the house from almost 95% of sun rays during summers. Silver is used widely in the glass and window making industry.

Silver is heavily used in chemical industry. Silver is a great reflector and as said before is used widely in mirrors and glass coatings.

Batteries are now manufactured with silver alloys. Lead-free silver solder is used heavily for joining materials and producing leak-tight joints. Silver is also widely used in silk-screened circuit paths, membrane switches, electrically heated automobile windows, and adhesives. Silver has a variety of uses in pharmaceuticals. Silver sulfadiazine is the most powerful compound for burn treatment. Catheters impregnated with silver eliminate bacteria. Silver is increasingly being tapped for its bactericidal properties and water purification. In the face of all these industrial uses there is less silver available. Silver has ten times more potential to skyrocket as compared to gold! - 31876

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